Data SGP

Data SGP analyses offer students and educators with the ability to compare their progress against that of similar students, enabling educators to make more informed decisions regarding when it is appropriate to challenge and support their students more or less than before. Data sgp uses longitudinal student assessment data to create statistical growth percentiles (SGP), which show relative progress toward meeting growth standards established by prior test scores – this information can then be displayed as percentage figures that teachers and parents will recognize, helping assess whether student are growing more, less, or as much as their academic peers.

One key advantage of SGPs over growth percentiles computed from standardized test scores is their precision; SGP calculations from student testing history involve complex calculations with large estimation errors, making SGPs unreliable as standalone measures of growth; other sources of information must also be utilized when assessing progress.

This package provides four sample data sets designed for use with SGP analyses. One data set, sgpData_LONG, specifies data in long format used by higher level SGP functions such as studentGrowthPercentiles and studentGrowthProjections; while two additional ones (sgptData_LONG and sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER), are teacher-student lookup tables utilized by these same functions to produce teacher level aggregates.

As well as providing access to sgpData, the package also contains tools that facilitate individual-level growth and achievement plots from sgpData, enabling educators to quickly and efficiently assess a student’s strengths, areas of concern, and growth rate using SGPplot from sgptools package.

The SGPtools package also contains several other functions to assist in analyzing longitudinal student data, including an inverse SGPplot function that compares a student’s current SGP to their historical SGP, making this an invaluable way of measuring interventions’ impact on performance.

SGPtools can be downloaded using the Python Package Manager (pypy), by typing “sgptools” in the search field of python installer. Once installed, these tools can be run from command line by typing ‘sgptools” at prompt.

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