Sydney Harbour Pool – A Political Folly

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The Sydney Harbour Pool is a national heritage-listed landmark, the oldest pool in Australia and one of the most important in the Southern Hemisphere. Opened for public swimming on September 2021 after an $8 million refurbishment which included water polo lights, new boardwalks and engineering works to raise its decking floor – it remains an asset to our local communities today! Used for swimming, water polo tournaments and club events like Swimming NSW 50m Championships as well as local school students practicing their swimming carnivals; recreational space open to all.

Covid pandemic, La Nina weather patterns and removal of hazardous materials have significantly reduced construction days and delayed the opening date from April 2024 to late 2024/early 2025. A PricewaterhouseCoopers review discovered design and structural flaws with the steel frame covering the indoor pool that required dismantlement to address; in February a further $20m commitment pushed up budget over $100 million with opening scheduled to late 2024/early 2025 due to further delays. Addition problems include council infighting over pork barreling allegations along with heritage concerns from heritage organisations which has turned what was initially billed as being built as one of world most beautiful pools into political folly despite being touted as such an impressive project from day one!

Zoe Baker of North Sydney sees it as an “excellent illustration of how not to manage an infrastructure project”. She sees no pleasure in watching this drama unfold, blaming infighting among her councillors for its prolonged delay and cost overrun – initially set at $86m project cost now more than $100m disaster! Federal independent MP Kylea Tink agrees: “This project exemplifies everything wrong with our political system – pork barreling.”

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