Data Hk and the PDPO

data hk

Data hk is an online portal designed to enable individuals and businesses to securely share and view personal data in Hong Kong. The portal complies with Hong Kong privacy laws such as the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO), which defines and protects an individual’s right to personal data as well as outlining controller obligations. PDPO limits collection, use, disclosure of personal information collected about individuals without their written permission as well as mandating businesses obtain written permission before accessing any individuals data; its unapproved use could incur fines and sanctions from Hong Kong authorities.

The Personal Data Protection Ordinance (“PDPO”) applies to anyone collecting or processing personal data in Hong Kong, regardless of where that processing takes place. The law establishes six data protection principles to safeguard both individuals and businesses alike, regulate retention periods for personal information held, establish an obligation for data users to notify affected individuals if their personal information has been misused, correct or deleted upon their request, as well as establish rights of correction and deletion as well as an obligation for users of personal information when it has been inaccurately used.

Personal data as defined by the Personal Data Protection Ordinance is usually defined as any data that directly or indirectly identifies an identifiable individual, including data that can be used to trace or track them back to them. A recent discussion paper, however, explored expanding this definition to encompass data linked to individuals more directly – though whether or not this change actually comes into force is yet unknown; regardless, it will likely broaden the range of personal information considered personal in Hong Kong.

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