Hong Kong Pools

Hong Kong is a dense city, so public and government-run pools may not always be the most desirable swimming spots. Luckily, many luxurious hotels boast beautiful pool areas where guests can spend quality time splashing about with a refreshing beverage in hand – all while taking in stunning city views!

Hotel Indigo stands in the center of Hong Kong Island as a luxury resort that features one of Hong Kong’s most exquisite rooftop pools, boasting an infinity pool spanning 20m long with lounge chairs arranged along its length that face glass windows for an uninterrupted view of life outside. Here, guests can unwind as they watch life pass them by!

This distinctive pool area blends local charm with modern sophistication for an overall stylish effect. The interior resembles an art gallery, while its deck boasts lush green plants to add freshness.

The hotel’s outdoor terrace is an ideal spot to unwind on sunny days with a refreshing beverage in hand and take in views of Victoria Harbour and city skylines. Additionally, an outdoor Jacuzzi and lounge area is located to the west for maximum sunset viewing pleasure while you unwind in water.

Swimming complex with a main pool, teaching pool and leisure pool offers families with kids or individuals a fun place to exercise or simply pass time! Plus it’s heated during winter for extra convenience – perfect any time of year!

This popular pool in Hong Kong can easily be seen as one of the city’s top attractions, and it’s clear why. Reminiscent of Roman-influenced palaces rather than traditional Hong Kong pools, its design gives this stunning pool an eye-catching appearance reminiscent of Roman culture – while statuesque columns add a luxurious element that provides a breathtaking backdrop as you take a dip.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department provides 22 public swimming pools throughout Hong Kong for visitors. For access, visitors can purchase a monthly ticket at either 17 HKD on weekdays or 19 HKD for weekends. People with disabilities, students between the ages of 3-13 years old and those over 60 can purchase concessionary tickets. Their entrance fee also includes a locker where valuables and personal items can be stored safely during a swim session. Lockers at Hong Kong Ocean Park feature individual codes to ensure only those who have paid can use them, with options of using either the provided reusable sleeve or your own padlock to secure them. So why wait – go swimming! You won’t regret it. Just remember your sunscreen as Hong Kong can get very hot during summer!