Barrier Reef Pools – Sydney South

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The southern two-thirds of NSW coast consist primarily of short to medium length sandy beaches nestled between rocky headlands. Where those headlands consist of sandstone, it has made possible the construction of pools in ideal locations – away from shifting sands but near temperatures suitable for swimming. Ocean pools are part of Sydney’s moniker as “Sandstone City”, adding another dimension to its abundance of beaches – which only outshone by harborside pools!

Balmoral Baths in Sydney is one such pool. A 50m outdoor pool with an additional small one specifically for kids has been open since 1879 – an iconic must-visit landmark!

Nielsen Park in Vaucluse boasts one sand-filled rock pool, while others can be found along cliffs at Nielsen, Rose Beach and Dawn Fraser Baths in Australia Bay. While all are worth visiting, be sure to consult the Bureau of Meteorology’s surf forecast before heading out; large waves or unsafe swell conditions should prompt an advisories on swimming due to potential danger.

A rock pool located north of Sydney known as The Wedge is relatively less well known but well worth visiting for its beauty and convenience – perfect for summer dips with views up towards the base of cliffs if desired! You could even choose to swim up there and have lunch.

Barrier Reef Pools Sydney South is owned and managed by husband-and-wife duo Amanda and Dean Teirney, each contributing different skill sets to the business. Although both have distinct backgrounds, they work harmoniously together while being dedicated to their product and community.

Amanda brings a wealth of staff management and resource planning expertise to overseeing the company’s people-related needs. Dean draws upon his engineering and technical background to support customer-facing aspects of business operations.

Amanda and Dean’s primary objective for the future is ensuring that Barrier Reef continues to expand while meeting client demands, while simultaneously creating an open culture which embraces new ideas and ways of working. Reinvesting in their community by supporting St George Junior Swimming Club, they have strengthened their business and are able to offer highly competitive pricing for high quality pool services. Recently, their pool cleaning and maintenance services have seen an unprecedented surge in demand. Even so, they still maintain their high quality standards while remaining highly recommended, reliable, and cost effective service providers – an ideal option when searching for your pool cleaner in Sydney.