Choosing Plants For Sydney Pools

Remarkably relaxing poolside landscapes require the combined efforts of aesthetics, functionality and plant selection. Selecting species that thrive in water and pool chemicals environments as well as various levels of moisture and sun exposure is critical; particularly in Sydney’s outdoor living culture where outdoor living is prized highly. Selecting garden and poolside species that resonate with personal styles while being resilient enough to withstand unique challenges is another vital aspect. In this article we explore this artform further!

Sydney pools are an integral part of city culture, providing refreshing alternatives to overcrowded beaches. Both locals and visitors enjoy taking advantage of these tidal rock pools for swimming, playing, exercising, snorkelling and sunbaking activities – serving also as natural lung spaces within urban environments while offering opportunities to learn about Australia’s vibrant flora and fauna.

Man-made pools date back to ancient Aboriginal settlements and colonial times when they were used for recreation, fishing and training purposes. During the 1930s Depression era, councils made funds available to community improvement associations so they could build ocean pools throughout Maroubra and Curl Curl suburbs using funds made available by councils during that era. Many iconic pools still stand today – from Bondi Icebergs (Instagrammable!) to McIver’s Ladies Baths – one of Australia’s oldest harbour pools used by Olympic swimmers like Dawn Fraser and Murray Rose prior to training for Berlin Olympic competition – to Bilgola North Curl Curl Curl Curl.

Mosman Collective’s redevelopment of North Sydney Pool remains a popular and scenic attraction, welcoming swimmers and strollers. Following its $8 million refurbishment, it remains Australia’s most active harbour pool hosting swim clubs, water polo games and events as well as featuring two floating pontoons at one end that allow lap swimming.

Since work on the project started in 2021, delays and cost overruns have plagued its completion – pushing back its anticipated opening date from 2025 to 2028. Council infighting, allegations of pork-barrelling, and lack of transparency all contribute to its difficult path toward completion.

Are You Planning a Pool? – Choosing the Right Builder Is an Important DecisionIf you are in the planning stages for a pool, selecting an experienced builder is of vital importance. Make sure to investigate their process, pricing structure and warranty offerings prior to making a final choice. Ideally, look for someone who listens carefully to your ideas while adhering to regulations and codes while creating your ideal backyard retreat – qualified pool builders are there to make this dream become a reality!