DATA HK – Enabling Digital Business Transformation

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DATA HK, created by the Hong Kong Government, provides data about Hong Kong for free online use. With access to over one million open data sets from international, EU, national, regional and local sources.

Information in this database can help businesses make informed decisions and enhance business operations, as well as providing useful research, education, and policy analysis data. Furthermore, its user-friendliness and accessibility make this platform highly user-friendly; its latest technologies allow for intuitive use on an easy-to-customize platform.

Tech Data Distribution (Hong Kong) Limited (“Tech Data HK”) aims to be an enabler of digital business transformation for customers within the IT ecosystem. To accomplish this task, they bring together innovative IT products, services and solutions from 1,500+ best-in-class technology vendors into an impressive portfolio that maximizes value for technology investments as well as delivers business outcomes for clients.

Tech Data Hong Kong and Allied Telesis, a premier global provider of IT infrastructure solutions, have signed a strategic distributorship agreement. Allied Telesis’ networking software known as Network AI or Software-Defined Networking SDN was created to address technology problems while creating new business opportunities for Tech Data’s customers. Utilizing AI/ML, these innovations streamline administrative tasks, increase productivity and deliver improved performance on critical business applications.

PDPO sets out data subjects’ rights and specific obligations of data controllers while also outlining six data protection principles to guide collection, processing, holding and use of personal data. Yet companies still face a number of difficulties managing personal data flows to comply with PDPO requirements.

As more businesses adopt data-related technologies, it will become essential for them to comply with the PDPO’s stringent requirements and understand its implications. Anticipatory compliance efforts could prevent costly fines if data breaches occur.

With this in mind, the Hong Kong Government is currently reviewing and proposing changes to the Personal Data Protection Ordinance in order to strengthen protection of individual privacy. One proposal includes mandating data users create a specific retention policy with specified retention periods for any personal data they process; this article explores this proposal further and what businesses must know regarding this proposal.