Hong Kong Hotels With Swimming Pools

An outdoor pool swim can be an enjoyable way to increase heart rate while providing some water-based fun. Swimming reduces stress, can improve depression and mental health issues and boosts energy levels and metabolism – no wonder it is such a popular form of exercise, especially during hot weather!

Hong Kong boasts 44 public pools to choose from. Many feature kiddie pools and water slides for an enjoyable family day trip, while admission for adults during weekdays costs just HK$17 and 19 during weekends or public holidays respectively; concession rates are available for students, children aged three-13 and those over 60.

However, for an elevated swimming experience we suggest visiting hotel pools! Not only will they tend to be less crowded than public ones; many also feature top-of-the-line amenities and breathtaking views! And don’t forget you can even sip a refreshing beverage poolside while lounging around in your swimwear!

Given this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of Hong Kong hotels offering swimming pools to provide an optimal pool-side experience. With iconic pools like Morrison Hill Pool to toddler-oriented water play areas – you are sure to find an oasis for relaxation in these hotels!

Rosewood Hong Kong boasts one of the city’s most stunning pools – Roman-inspired pool with statuesque design that exudes luxurious palatial feel, perfect for lap swimming or just lounging by. Swim a few laps or simply take it easy while sipping your drink by this exquisite waterway.

Hong Kong boasts another magnificent pool – Victoria Peak Garden Swimming Pool. While it requires some effort from city center dwellers, it is more than worth your while for its breathtaking view and peaceful setting, complete with trees and flowers creating a natural oasis-esque feel around the pool. Victoria Peak Garden Swimming Pool also provides an ideal opportunity to watch sunset!

For an exclusive pool experience, head to the Westin Hotel. This five-star hotel features an exquisite infinity pool that provides breathtaking city views – and though only open to hotel guests, it still makes for a wonderful way to beat summer heat!

Though coronavirus restrictions have eased somewhat, swimmers should still avoid entering water bodies such as outdoor and indoor pools as well as public beaches until all restrictions have been lifted. Therefore, maintaining your fitness through other means, such as working out at the gym or using home workout videos will ensure you’re ready to dive back in once the restrictions have been removed.