Singapore Prize 2022 Winners Announced

At an awards ceremony held tonight (August 25) at Victoria Theatre, 12 winners of the 2022 Singapore Literature Prize were named. This biennial prize honouring literary achievement hosted 43 writers competing across English, Malay and Tamil categories – with Suratman Markasan and Wang Gungwu being among them at 91 years old both winning Creative Nonfiction categories respectively; Markasan for Honing the Pen, Volume 2 while Gungwu took home Home Is Where We Are Going respectively.

An anonymous Singaporean player known by their handle iceiceice has won more than $1 Million playing Dota 2, becoming one of the highest earning players ever in this popular video game. Iceiceice won his prize money from winning a tournament held last February; one of several to do so since Dota 2 is created and published by Valve Corporation and played across over 100 countries and won numerous awards.

The Harvard Prize Book series of books are intended to give Singapore students a realistic sense of what Harvard can be and connect them to its community here. Winners are determined by an independent jury composed of Harvard alumni.

Winners of the Harvard Prize Book receive a book token worth $230 and a Harvard-branded hoodie as prizes, designed to assist them in pursuing a Harvard degree and continuing their service to communities around them. In addition, winners also have an opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony at Harvard.

On the online gaming scene, few names can stand alongside Daryl Pei Xiang Koh aka “iceiceice”. A Singaporean player, this multimillion-dollar Dota 2 champion has amassed 1.83 million U.S. dollars through wins in major tournaments such as last year’s record-setting Chinese version event of this popular video game – all while playing for over 10 years and becoming one of its most prolific and prolific players ever seen before! He has even set new records during that time!

To claim your winnings, submit a claim request prior to each draw period’s end. Please bring along your mobile phone with E-Tickets saved and an original photo identification document (NRIC or passport for foreigners) bearing your name that matches that in bank records to any Singapore Pools main branch on Monday or Thursday to claim. Please be aware that longer waiting times may apply on those days due to higher volumes of claims; should any further queries arise please don’t hesitate to reach out – thank you and good luck!