The Hongkong Prize Exhibition

Hong Kong is renowned as an epicenter of philanthropy, with business contributing over HK$4.3 billion to charities last year alone and wealthy residents giving back. But how can philanthropy best address global challenges? One such initiative to do just this is the Hongkong Prize: an initiative launched to find innovative solutions ranging from providing technology support for homeless individuals to an artist reinterpreting human rights concepts into fine art pieces as past winners.

This award honors scientists and technologists who have demonstrated significant advancements in scientific and technological research that have had an uplifting effect on society. A total prize pool of HK$20 Million will be divided among three distinct categories annually; themes may also change annually.

It is an extraordinary international award that recognizes outstanding scientists in astronomy, life sciences and mathematics. Not only is the prize an honourable recognition of these researchers’ efforts; but also provides them with a platform to share their findings with a wider public audience.

At this exhibition, you can experience first-hand the work and achievements of this year’s Hong Kong Prize winners – their research journeys and accomplishments alike! Additionally, discover cutting-edge quantum science and technology developments and their applications to our daily lives.

The HK Prize, sponsored by BOCHK and celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, is an academic merit-based award designed to encourage innovation in science and technology in Hong Kong. Each of its five prize winners receives a sum total of HK$4 Million as compensation for their scientific contribution.

Lui Che-woo established this prize with the purpose of “advancing world civilisation and inspiring people to create a harmonious world”; the inaugural award was granted in 2016. Laureates will receive up to HK$20 Million across multiple categories such as sustainability, welfare betterment and positive energy – each year featuring different themes for consideration.

Make sure to visit this event if you’re in town – admission is completely free, and prizes range from round-trip flight tickets and iPhones to luxury hotel breaks! Visit their official website for more details.