As we have finally weathered the winter and are fully headed towards warmer days ahead, we realize that the annual conference is just a few shorts weeks away. We will all be convening on June 22nd for golf and the Travelers Social followed on the 23rd with the Annual Conference, jewelry design contest, and banquet at the Holiday Inn Des Moines Dtwn Mercy Area. The board has been diligent procuring entertaining speakers for the conference.

We will be hearing from ALTR Lab Created Diamonds on the current market for lab created from the only company that currently grows, cuts, and manufactures lab created diamonds into jewelry. If you have ever had questions about this new frontier of jewelry, this will be your chance to have them answered. Slav Galkin, who will be speaking has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience with lab created diamonds and will be very entertaining and informative.

We will also be hearing from Jim Casey with Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC). Jim will be doing a presentation on effective communication. This would cover a range of areas from listening, dialogue, eye contact, and how to push people’s thinking toward what you are trying to communicate or sell.

Our final speaker will be Paul Kinghorn from the University of Northern Iowa. Paul will be speaking on the importance of exit planning and why that one event will be the single most important financial event in a business owners life. This is not just a seminar for those looking to transition out of the business in the next couple years. This is a seminar for all ages. It is never to early to have much of this planning in place.

The design contest, on Saturday evening, will be a great way to show off your skills to your local peers. As someone who has entered many times before, this is one of my favorite parts. It’s inspiring to see creative jewelry that is done with precision and skill but also is so unique as to make you stop and say “Wow” or “Can I see that up close”. If you have never entered the contest, please consider it. We would love to see what you can do to inspire us.

We hope to see everyone’s bright & shiny faces in Des Moines this June. Let’s make it a great conference and have lots of fun…as if that would have been a difficult task 😉.